Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rise of the Awesome Characters and Superbowl CM

Hey Guys, NI97 Here, and i have news for Rise of the Awesome

First of all, I have a new Superbowl spot since in 2011 i made one and then i realized i did not make it since these poopers won't pay attention what i need help with shit. So i made one for this year's superbowl.

And now, The characters for Rise of the Awesome

* - Confirmed
~ - Cameo Confirmed
# - Possible to Confirm

*Atomic Betty
~Power Rangers/Super Sentai and Kamen Riders
*Gumball Watterson and Darwin
*Puffy AmiYumi
*iCarly Gang
*Ophelia Chill
#Beavis and Butthead

Co-Animator/Pooper: TBA
Co-Sentence Mixer/Pooper: TBA
YouTube IMAX DMR Converter: PRIMEMAN3457

~More Coming Soon if Updated!