Friday, September 23, 2011

SOTC Returns and Plans From Mr. Montalvo Himself

That's right after a summer of hard work on this episode and other crap. THE SHOW HAS BEEN RETURNED WITH A NEW EPISODE!

Say Yay like Fluttershy but 20% louder.

And My Plans for someday if i had time to annotate on my little note book of ideas.

I will plan for a poop of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with Total Drama. also an Atomic Betty or Regular Show or Marvel Anime or maybe a Power Rangers Samurai YouTube Poop or an iCarly one or anything that I wish to make a YouTube Poop of because is just for fun, not to hate something, not to be a weaboo or anything.

BTW, I am working on Randomness of Crapiness 4, ROC The Movie and a The Amazing World of Gumball YouTube Poop.

Oh and also, I am gonna work on Episode 5 and it will include a DxC Sex Scene but not porn like... and some Terminators, Saiyans and All AGAINST SKYNET!