Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rise of the Awesome Trailer and 3D Cancelled

New Trailer for Rise of the Awesome.

And a quick message

Since PRIMEMAN3457 Studied 3D in a watchy way or whatever he is doing or seeing. He sended me a private message and said to me

Since Clash Of The Titans (2010) came out in so-called "3D", I have been studying 3D and what's appropriate for 3D and what isn't.
When I mean "study", I mean making 3D media, improving it, seeing 3D Movies in theaters and sometimes in IMAX 3D, and more.

I know you might possibly be disappointed by me saying this, but.........
Youtube Poops don't seem fit for 3D.

This goes for ALL Youtube Poops, no matter how they are.
Youtube Poops, to me, should be more focused on what is gonna make them funny and/or stupid. Adding 3D with a bunch of flashes, effects, and a edited video just doesn't feel right.
And for people who have problems seeing 3D (Seizure, Headaches, etc.) might have MAJOR problems seeing a video of Duncan that keeps blinking and changing colors and such.

Point is, Youtube Poops should just be kept in 2D, and focus on what Youtube Poops are about.
I'm canceling the 3D conversion but not the YT-IMAX Release.

So, yeah, YouTube Poops should stick to 2D like Shia LaBeouf. That means that the 3D release for YTP: Rise of the Awesome is cancelled due to seizures and shit but not the YOUTUBE IMAX Release. Sorry but it's for your eye's own good.

But look at the bright side. At least I need animators, sentence mixers and guys who can help me with ideas.

So, See ya later and Website in development!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Return of English NI97 and SOTC Announcement

Like My Bro Did in 2009 I created another account

That's right He returned to YouTube after years of suspension and stranded in Latino Shit as NaruIchiLatino97.

And regarding SOTC Series, I am kind of almost done with Episode 4. But for YouTube there will be another edition for 15 minutes long. It will be called "Showdown of the Century: The Series - YouTube Edition". The Episodes are gonna be with less Commercials and a shorter opening with the same theme as the Series and the Kamen Rider Decade Movie. The show will now be in and YouTube. The YouTube Edition will be released Next Month on YouTube with a watermark for NaruIchi97 Television.

See ya, peeps Later!