Monday, July 11, 2011

Long time no See you Gaiz!~

YouTube Poop - Randomness of Crapiness 4 Sneak... by NaruIchi97Television

Here is a sneak peek of the ROC 4 in progress to be released live on (The whole episode)

Q: Why SOTC Episode 4 is not released yet.
A: Well first of all, I was scared about Harold Camping's predictions about the apocalypse which it did not happen after 6:30pm when i was watching iCarly on Nick. (My mom, Ms. Polanco and Franklin13100 said is just a lie and it is true that the Doomsday of May 21st is fake.) My friends at school except some are stupid to believe Harold's predictions, and I DO NOT WANNA DIE!!!!!, Second, I was lazy and out of Ideas for episode 4 when focusing on ROC and other shit. (Except the ROC Movie) Third, IT'S TOO HOT OUTSIDE AND I CANNOT USE THE PC BECAUSE OF SO MANY ROOMS WITH TOO MANY ELECTRICITY AND THE BREAKER CAN GO OFF AND THE LIGHTS WILL GO OUT! DAMN YOU SOLAR SYSTEM! Don't worry, I shall continue in production some day.

Okay, NaruIchi97 Out!