Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving is Here!

Let's give a few thanks to every friend in YT

1. CartoonNothing, He loves noods and he is a good friend

2. PRIMEMAN3457, He invented the most awesome experience mashing up YouTube and IMAX, calling it YOUTUBE IMAX, For YouTube Movies that will also experience it in 1080p or 4K HD

3.MegamanEXE22Returns, That kid is kinda awesome

4.LDEJRuff, He said back off to rtv190 on KiiroBomber's Channel on YT or should, I call rtv190 a anime obsessed cyberbully, because he insults innocent anime haters and other YouTubers, and i am not an anime hater, I just make poops for the lulz, and about the idea of the YTP Movie, i didn't stole your idea, I made it up, you're just jealous, angry and confused just because of the name, and about that ''anime poop'' you just saw is not an anime poop, is just a japanese opening for a non existing YTP TV Series on Japan, that is like MAD, not like the MAD Magazine, MAD Anime Openings or Tegakis or whatever, I LIKE ANIME!!!, OKAY!!!???, SO STOP THINKING ABOUT YTP BEING A HATING FAD!!!! (I am talking to rtv190), and about the Lindsay Curses on anime on Deviantart, is just a comparision to TDI 18 from cartoon to anime, GOD!!!, Let's stop talking about rtv190, and Give thanks to LDEJRuff, Don't forget he is also a NickeloonDisney Broadcaster

5. Steven Teh Mastah!!!, i mean steventhemaster, He is a cool guy, Sonic Fan, and also a commentary kid and ranter, I wish i could make a rant on Deviantart or blogger or a commentary on YT

6. tansoloyo007, For being a spanish pooper since FSD

7. Sandovart, for sending me a friend request on Facebook

8. ezeneco, for joining in to the Spanish Poopers on Messenger

and every friend of mine in the YT Community!


Franklin aka 3l2ctor (Franklin13100) and Jayson (TheKouwz and now, xAirplanes)
For being such good friends in school

And all my friends and family, I'd say THANK YOU!!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

THNXGivin' Update

Update 1:
The Endings for SOTC The Series

ENG: Let's Brawl - Tonindo (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
JAP: Anata ga Ita Mori - Jyukai (Fate/stay Night)

ENG: Transformers Armada Ending (TF Armada)
JAP: Transformer Axel by Rey (TF Animated)

ENG: Cartman's Quest (South Park)
JAP: Boukenger on the Road by Psychic Lover (GoGo Sentai Boukenger/PR Operation Overdrive Japanese)

ENG: Power Rangers Theme by Powerglove
JAP: Mosaic Kakera by Sunset Swish (Code Geass)

ENG: X-Men TAS Ending Theme by Shuki Levy
JAP: Zetsubou Billy by Maximum the Hormone (Death Note)

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!