Friday, May 21, 2010

Nueva Serie YTPH

Has visto Fate Stay Drama, ahora el Drama toma JUEGOS DE CARTAS EN MOTOCICLETAS VENEZOLANAS!!!

Basado (NO) en Fate Stay Drama de Tansoloyo007, llega Yu-Gi-Drama 6teenD's

La saga del crossover del Drama con algun Anime esta por llegar, con Locos 16, Kid vs. Kat, Bob Esponja y otras que estan dobladas al espanol venezolano y otros que son doblados al espanol de otro pais


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New YTP Movie Poster

New Poster and Logo No Jutsu!~

Thanks to proceo for the Logo!

By those who wants to see the movie, Here is a critical acclaim collab TV Spot who is coming soon.

First, Send Me a PM and Do your own critic acclaim and no rude things, just because i am Best Pooper, No, i am not, btw, I use those sources because they are my favorites, Don't hate me because of remembering the account ''YTPMOVIE FUCKING OFFICIAL'', Gosh, i deleted it because of a nice comment in the YTP Movie TV Spot in My Account like ''Epic'' and it sucked big INERT BALLS! (I refer to this channel i deleted), btw, Don't make me cancel the movie or else, i am so going to get my YTP Movie Fans to kick your ass, if you say that TDI and KM is going to ruin it, then, I am going to get ttipoopfinal to kick your ass because is my movie to be a director like Steven Spielberg, If you want to apologize to me for hating the movie, I'd say that's okay, Man (except for megamanrobotmaster10 because he sucks ass xD), Because This movie is the First Poop Movie to be Released in 3D and YouTube IMAX 3D

BTW, Moar 2 Cum on YouTube. DeviantART and Others xD

Production Begins May 28, 2010