Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Kai is on!

Merry Late Christmas Everybody, Due to my grandmother's HBD Party, I didn't upload part one of YTP Time with Finn and Jake, but here is now Part One, Part Two Coming in January

No Copyright Infringement Intended

Have a good time!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving is Here!

Let's give a few thanks to every friend in YT

1. CartoonNothing, He loves noods and he is a good friend

2. PRIMEMAN3457, He invented the most awesome experience mashing up YouTube and IMAX, calling it YOUTUBE IMAX, For YouTube Movies that will also experience it in 1080p or 4K HD

3.MegamanEXE22Returns, That kid is kinda awesome

4.LDEJRuff, He said back off to rtv190 on KiiroBomber's Channel on YT or should, I call rtv190 a anime obsessed cyberbully, because he insults innocent anime haters and other YouTubers, and i am not an anime hater, I just make poops for the lulz, and about the idea of the YTP Movie, i didn't stole your idea, I made it up, you're just jealous, angry and confused just because of the name, and about that ''anime poop'' you just saw is not an anime poop, is just a japanese opening for a non existing YTP TV Series on Japan, that is like MAD, not like the MAD Magazine, MAD Anime Openings or Tegakis or whatever, I LIKE ANIME!!!, OKAY!!!???, SO STOP THINKING ABOUT YTP BEING A HATING FAD!!!! (I am talking to rtv190), and about the Lindsay Curses on anime on Deviantart, is just a comparision to TDI 18 from cartoon to anime, GOD!!!, Let's stop talking about rtv190, and Give thanks to LDEJRuff, Don't forget he is also a NickeloonDisney Broadcaster

5. Steven Teh Mastah!!!, i mean steventhemaster, He is a cool guy, Sonic Fan, and also a commentary kid and ranter, I wish i could make a rant on Deviantart or blogger or a commentary on YT

6. tansoloyo007, For being a spanish pooper since FSD

7. Sandovart, for sending me a friend request on Facebook

8. ezeneco, for joining in to the Spanish Poopers on Messenger

and every friend of mine in the YT Community!


Franklin aka 3l2ctor (Franklin13100) and Jayson (TheKouwz and now, xAirplanes)
For being such good friends in school

And all my friends and family, I'd say THANK YOU!!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

THNXGivin' Update

Update 1:
The Endings for SOTC The Series

ENG: Let's Brawl - Tonindo (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
JAP: Anata ga Ita Mori - Jyukai (Fate/stay Night)

ENG: Transformers Armada Ending (TF Armada)
JAP: Transformer Axel by Rey (TF Animated)

ENG: Cartman's Quest (South Park)
JAP: Boukenger on the Road by Psychic Lover (GoGo Sentai Boukenger/PR Operation Overdrive Japanese)

ENG: Power Rangers Theme by Powerglove
JAP: Mosaic Kakera by Sunset Swish (Code Geass)

ENG: X-Men TAS Ending Theme by Shuki Levy
JAP: Zetsubou Billy by Maximum the Hormone (Death Note)

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New YouTube Poop on Blip! + SOTC Series Openings

Here is the poop that i made, sooner i'll make the spanish version, From the Mexican Takahata101 named Toadmaster89 that i am going 2 upload 2 youtube

Sorry for teh embed thing, is Fucking heavy

Anyway, The SOTC Series Openings will be in 3 versions, English, Japanese, and Digital Download Exclusive

For Season 1
ENG - Odno I To Zhe by Rammstein and t.A.T.u
JAP - Battle No Limit! by JAM Project (Battle Spirits)
NDD - Kanashimi wo Kizu aka Wounds of Sadness by Nana Kitade (Fullmetal Alchemist 3 Game)

For Season 2
ENG - This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars
JAP - Transformer Dream Again by Psychic Lover (Transformers Armada)
NDD - Transformers EVO by JAM Project (Transformers Animated)

For Season 3
ENG - According to You by Orianthi
JAP - My Soul, Your Beats! (Yui Version) by LiSa (Angel Beats!)
NDD - No Thank You! by the Sakurakou K-ON! Bu from Hokago Tea Time (K-ON!)

For Season 4
ENG - Going Under by Evanescence
JAP - The World by Nightmare (Death Note)
NDD - Modern Strange Cowboy by Granrodeo (Needless)

For teh Final Season
ENG - Fight as One by Bad City (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!)
JAP - Journey Through the Decade by Gacht (Masked/Kamen Rider Decade)
NDD - Endless Tears by Ayane (11Eyes Crossover)

See ya!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

SOTC Series Announcement

The series will have 5 seasons

The First Season will be ''The Afterlife Apocalypse Saga'', The Second Season will be ''Autobots, Decepticons and Gods Saga'', The Third Season will be ''The iCarly Warfare Saga'', The Fourth Season will be ''The Geass with a twist of Fatassery and Abridging Saga'', and The Final Season will be ''The Meen-ish Saga''

The First Season will be with movies like ''2012'', ''Ed Edd N Eddy's Big Picture Show'', ''Terminator: Salvation'', and ''Resident Evil: Afterlife'', including series of Haruhi Suzumiya, Adventure Time and Sonic X even Sonic the Hedgehog Animated Series

The Second will have even more movies like ''Transformers'', ''Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'', ''Clash of the Titans'', ''Transformers G1 Movie'' and Eddie Lebron's ''Mega Man'' Fanfilm, and it contains a rivarly between Gwen and Courtney, Cody and Mikey and Optimus and Megatron.

The Third Season is comic with ''iCarly'', but the show goes wrong when Heather invades Seattle, Contains New Charas from ''Regular Show'', ''Kick Buttowski'' and ''Gurren Lagann''

The Fourth Season is Coming Down to South Park with a twist of Geass and Parody Dubs with Megaman Abridged, Yugi-oh Abridged and TEAM DEATHMATCH!!!, even the others

The Fifth and Final Season will Contain the Ressurection of I.M. Meen when he is dead in the first SOTC Movie (SPOILERS!!!) , Contains ''The Avengers'' From Marvel and ''Justice League'' From DC Comics and the others

The NickeloonDisney Edit will have the rating TV-14, but the word Fuck and Shit is censored, except for crap, hell, goddamn and others except for those 2 words, it will be in LDEJRuff's Channel, in case i get suspended the Uncut in NickeloonDisney will be on his channel but rated TV-MA, And is also the episodes (Edited by LDEJRuff) on Digital Download

Any Episode of the Series will have a Sneak Peek of the SOTC Movies

See ya!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am back! with movie and series and shit

Okay Guys, i am back now i am working on YTP Movie, but soon there will be new series

The series based off the MSOTC Movies, which this winter or fall shall be released

Someone tries to destroy mankind, but Link and the others are their only hope to save the whole world, they're the last of their kind.

The series will be starting in 2011

And then a sequel for the movie


When some little kid with daredevil dreams named Clarence, but they call him Kick Buttowski, with a helmet full of flames of awesome, joining the team, they will defeat the Cyber Meen and his another creation ''Shupa Malleo'' and Heather (returning with Adiane from TTGL Cosplay)

Coming TBA 2011, in 2D, YouTube IMAX 3D/2D and 3D (3D not stereoscopic, converted with 3D Combine, Mr3Dvideo is a bitch!, or a nazi of 3D)

And a sequel confirmed for the SOTC Movies


The sequel to MSOTC, Coming in 2011, Also playing on and YOUTUBE IMAX

If Robert and Angela will never erase all accounts from YouTube, I'll create my movie account named NaruIchiMovies97

See ya!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dedicado a LudLinkXD

Su canal se ha borrado, dejo el loquendo y eso pero descargue de YT mis favoritos videos de el dedicandole al loquendero que sus personajes fue Goku, Ese zorro que no tengo idea, Hatsune Miku y Rock Lee

1.La friki, improvisada y tonta busqueda de la nueva ayudante (Loquendo)

2. Shinigami Chop vende por 50 mil pesos (Poop Hispano)

Ese eran mis 2 videos favoritos, Lo siento por cargar este video aqui sin permiso, solo para que lo dedique, no se cabree xD

BlogspotTube - AMV Edition

Listen to the beat on this blog!

1. Gabo's HBD Video - The Moon and the Superhero - Naruto/Bleach AMV (Block'd by WMG)

2.YTP Gundam 00 Op (Block'd by BandaiChannel, for japan only)

3. Boredom AMV - Run and Hide - (Block'd by Sony Music Ent., for Germany Only!)

Those are my blocked AMV's, Enjoy, btw Blame Hulu.

BlogspotTube on the Blog!

Fucking Hulu, always not payin' attention to me about not brainwashing YT for copyrights

1. DBZ and DBZ Kai Over 9000 Mashup (Blocked by ABGroup)

2. Vegas 7.0 Stretching Test (Blocked by Viacom)

That was 2 blocked in country videos that u didn't see!, Next post is the AMV Edition!, And by the way, don't blame YouTube, Viacom or some other companies, blame Hulu for brainwashing YouTube

Monday, June 21, 2010


Damn, is too hot in my house and outside, some time i will make more videos after i am gone to my house!

BTW, Have a nice summer!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Nuevo en YGD6TD's

Despues del FSD con TSY007, comenzare a hacerlol

Esta seria la nueva pero nueva serie de YTPH, sera bacano!

Cuando Yusei Fudo trata de ir al Campamento Wawanakwa de Isla del Drama, El vendra a ver al elenco del primer reality show animado para adolescentes (No como Drawn Together), y el conocio a Duncan para darle un mensaje sobre juegos de cartas en motocicletas!, Lo comenzare a hacerlo despues de que TSY007 termine con Fate Stay Drama 7 (salio I.M. Meen en el primer trailer de FSD7)


Friday, May 21, 2010

Nueva Serie YTPH

Has visto Fate Stay Drama, ahora el Drama toma JUEGOS DE CARTAS EN MOTOCICLETAS VENEZOLANAS!!!

Basado (NO) en Fate Stay Drama de Tansoloyo007, llega Yu-Gi-Drama 6teenD's

La saga del crossover del Drama con algun Anime esta por llegar, con Locos 16, Kid vs. Kat, Bob Esponja y otras que estan dobladas al espanol venezolano y otros que son doblados al espanol de otro pais


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New YTP Movie Poster

New Poster and Logo No Jutsu!~

Thanks to proceo for the Logo!

By those who wants to see the movie, Here is a critical acclaim collab TV Spot who is coming soon.

First, Send Me a PM and Do your own critic acclaim and no rude things, just because i am Best Pooper, No, i am not, btw, I use those sources because they are my favorites, Don't hate me because of remembering the account ''YTPMOVIE FUCKING OFFICIAL'', Gosh, i deleted it because of a nice comment in the YTP Movie TV Spot in My Account like ''Epic'' and it sucked big INERT BALLS! (I refer to this channel i deleted), btw, Don't make me cancel the movie or else, i am so going to get my YTP Movie Fans to kick your ass, if you say that TDI and KM is going to ruin it, then, I am going to get ttipoopfinal to kick your ass because is my movie to be a director like Steven Spielberg, If you want to apologize to me for hating the movie, I'd say that's okay, Man (except for megamanrobotmaster10 because he sucks ass xD), Because This movie is the First Poop Movie to be Released in 3D and YouTube IMAX 3D

BTW, Moar 2 Cum on YouTube. DeviantART and Others xD

Production Begins May 28, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Trilogy Begins...

Randomness of Crapiness has his first Trilogy

Who will win this time?, Courtney or Gwen?, Duncan or Cody? Fanboy and Chum Chum or The Eds?


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Latinamerican Channel on YT!

My New Channel is in Spanish Only!

Don't sub if you don't understand or speak Spanish!

Mi Nuevo Canal es Sol0 en Espanol

No lo suscribas si no entiendes ni hablas Ingles!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Blog!/Nuevo Blog!

NaruIchi '97 Premieres his new Blog, full of updates and something

Upcoming to YouTube:

NaruIchi '97 estrena su nuevo blog, lleno de arregos y algo

Viene a YouTube
MEGA-RETO DEL SIGLO (Poop Movie Hispano Dub/Fandub)
SONIC EL ERIZO VS HARUHI SUZUMIYA (Pronto por que no hay TMOHS en Latino aun)